About Us

In 2015, ISCTE-IUL created the Career Services and Alumni Office with the purpose of supporting the students of ISCTE-IUL with personalized accompaniment from the moment the student enters this institution and all along his life, trough activities for former students.


Our mission is to promote the employability of the graduates of ISCTE-IUL, with support in the development of competences, strategic parternships with organizations and the promotion of a strong network of former students (alumni).


We pretend to be a service of reference in the promotion of the employability.


Our values are:

Proactivity - we garantee to present the future tendencies in each area of ISCTE-IUL;

Excellence in the assistance - we want you to feel that you can expect the best from us;

We are a whole - the success of who looks for us is our success.